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The Clarinet Institute sponsors several ensembles and, every now and then, they get into a studio or a rogue microphone finds it's way to one of their outdoor performances.  Here's a few of our recordings.......  

..... go ahead, admit it.  We all know the truth...... you like to listen to clarinet ensemble music while you surf the web.....  Don't we all?



Institute Clarinet Quartet (Mozart á la Carte)

Adams, Kristy (1976 -  )  -  String Quartet

Brown  -  Doll Dance  (arr. by David Schorr)       

Cannon  -  Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home  (arr. by David Schorr)       

Corelli  -  Corrente from the Petite Suite di Padua

Debussy  -  Arabesque No. 2  (arr. by David Schorr)       

Joplin  -  Strenuous Life

Lachner  -  String Quartet Op. 75 (Finale)

Mendelssohn  -  Nocturne from Midsummer Night's Dream     

Mozart  -  Allegro from the Divertimento K. 138

Mozart  -  String Quartet No. 13 (1st Mvmt)

Mozart  -  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik  (1st Mvmt)

Rossini  -  Canzonetta from the Barber of Seville    

Schubert  -  March Militaire

Sousa  -  Washington Post     

Van Heusen, Jimmy  -  Moonlight Becomes You  (arr. by David Schorr)


The Institute Clarinet Choir

Beethoven  -  Rondino for Winds  (arr. by David Schorr)

Ewald  -  Symphony for Brass (arr. by David Schorr)

Grieg  -  In the Hall of the Mountain King  (arr. by Emily Senchuk)      

Haydn  -  Andante from the Symphony No. 94  (arr. by David Schorr)

Krommer  -  Wind Partita Op. 45, 1st Mvmt    3rd Mvmt   (arr. by David Schorr)

Newmark, Dan  -  Allegro 1 from the Clarinet Quintet

Sousa  -  Liberty Bell March  (arr. by David Schorr)       

Posch, Isaac (c. 1623)  -  Paduana  (arr. by David Schorr)


Other Music Featuring the Clarinet

These are mostly live performances.  If you have recorded music featuring the clarinet and would like to post it for the entire world to hear, please send us a copy or a link and we'll post it.

Brahms, Johannes  -  Clarinet Quintet     1  2  3  4   
(David Schorr 1983)

Bulow, Harry  -  Contours for Clarinet 
(David Schorr 1982)     

Dahl, Ingolf  -  Concerto a Tre for Clarinet, Violin and Cello  
(Dan Lucas 1985)

Debussy, Claude  -  Premiere Rhapsody for Clarinet and Piano   
(Umesh Shankar)

Glinka, Mikhail  -  Trio pathetique for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano   1    2    3   4    
(Patricia Crispino)

Hermann  -   Clarinet on the Town for Clarinet and Band 
(Patricia Crispino)

Bohuslav  -  Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano   1    2    3   (Patricia Crispino)

Messiaen, Olivier  -  Abime des Oiseaux for solo Clarinet  
(Dan Lucas 1985)

Osborn, Sean  -  Character Pieces for Solo Clarinet   1    2    3   4   5 
(Sean Osborn)

Osborne, Willson  -  Rhapsody for Solo Clarinet   
(David Schorr 1983)      

Pierne  -  Canzonetta for Clarinet and Piano

Poulenc, Francis  -  Sonata for Clarinet and Piano   1    2    3   
(Umesh Shankar)

Prokofiev, Sergei  -  Overture on Hebrew Themes  
(Patricia Crispino)

Rabaud, Henri  -  Solo de Concours  
(David Schorr 1982)     

Rossini  -  Introduction, Theme and Variations  
(Patricia Crispino)

Schumann, Robert  -  Fantasiestücke op. 73 for clarinet and piano    1    2    3   
(Umesh Shankar)

Spohr, Ludwig  -  Clarinet Concerto No. 3   1    2    3    
(Patricia Crispino)

Stravinsky, Igor  -  Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet  
(David Schorr 1982)     

Weber  -  Concertino for Clarinet and Orchestra   
(David Schorr 2007)

Weber  -  Clarinet Concerto No. 2   1st Movement   
(David Schorr 2005)

Widor  -  Introduction and Rondo
  (Patricia Crispino)


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